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Rev. Dr. Venus Williams, Ph.D., CQTP, CHCP, M.H., M.C., M.G., D.E.  is an ordained minister with Church of The Healing Spirit, advanced energy healer (from a distance or in person, to individuals or groups, to people, animals, plants, environments, situations, etc.), claircognizant who also loves working with the angelic and elemental realms, spirit guides, etc., spiritual life coach, master manifestor, manifestation mentor, inspirational speaker, author, nature lover and a powerful director of energy.


Dr. Venus guides you to new levels of mastery in harmony with Divine Love to create the most abundant manifestations in all aspects of your being and all areas of your life. Venus delights in inspiring and coaching you to release any vibrations of resistance and transmute them to the high frequency of easy flowing allowing, manifestations and enjoyment in the biodynamic garden of abundance, creating prosperity and harvesting success. Her inspiration and assistance helps you love what you choose to do and choose to do what you love.


After receiving two Ph.D. degrees which uniquely integrated the fields of physiology, micro- and molecular biology with pure and applied mathematics for a deep look into the intricate and dynamic dance of the Heart, she fully embraced the fact that everything is energy and chose the quantum path to organic holistic healing and total, complete and permanent health in all aspects of the being – physical, mental, emotional, heart, soul, spirit and all areas of their life. She lives the wisdom of the spiritual truth in harmony with the Universal Laws of Nature and delights sharing it with the world for the benefit of all and the planet.


Some of her favorite public inspiring topics are about her best friends – the animals and all of nature, Divine Consciousness, organically manifesting holistic healing and health which includes inner peace, abundant prosperity, enlightenment and beyond, organic and biodynamic sustainable living, personal and group healing, quantum truth, the Natural Laws of the Universe…


You can find Venus in her biodynamic edible herb, flower, fruit and vegetable gardens inspired by her love for beautiful organic edible landscapes or in her kitchen where she creates her unique, tasty and healthy, organic whole superfood recipes and shares them with her loved ones and all the wild and domestic animals who love to visit often and enjoy her delicious healthy food, offerings and love.


Dr. Venus wholeheartedly chooses, extensively uses and recommends the world's first certified organic line of products which according to her “have been for well over a decade and continue to be and deliver the highest quality, energy vibration, potency, vitality and health benefits through their ingredients and unique combinations of ingredients on the planet, an essential part of holistic healing and health”.


Venus’ favorite accomplishment in personal growth and true spirituality, as well as a blessed opportunity to share the healing wisdom of Divine Consciousness with all, is being an ordained minister with Church of the Healing Spirit – The Home of Divine healing at all levels which leads to greater peace, happiness and health for all. Rev. Venus wholeheartedly recommends to all to allow The Truth from the Christ’s Letters to live in them, through them and for them and their lives.


Rev. Venus loves leading Divine Blessings services with prayers for all beings. She is in love with the Divine – the Eternal, Infinite, Omnipotent, Omnipresent Power that is within every being and all creation. She loves to inspire all to allow the Divine to BE expressed within them, for them and through them for the mutual benefit and fulfilment of all. Everyone is welcome to her services that are powered by the Divine Love and Light and enlightened by Divine Consciousness.




Dear Truth Seeker,

Welcome to your kingdom of a wealth of beneficial information, true knowledge and the best resources, products and offerings for a complete prosperous healthy and wealthy lifestyle in harmony with the Universal Laws of Nature!

You are wholeheartedly invited to ask any questions you wish to be answered and know that you will get the most truthful answers. Submit your question through the 'Contact Me' section or click here to do so.

Infinite and Eternal Divine Love, Light & Gratitude to all!

The Divine in me honors the Divine in you!


Rev. Dr. Venus 🙂

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  1. Sal says:

    Are all clay pots safe for growing vegetables? I thought I read something about possible toxins
    in some terra cotta pots. I want to grow vegetables on my deck in the safest containers possible.
                      Thank You, Sal

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Sal,

      Thanks for your great question! and for caring for your safety.
      I truly appreciate you.
      Yes, some terra cotta pots have lead, PCBs, dioxins and other toxins;
      to make sure you pick the safest pots for your vegetables,
      select either pots made of plastic number 5
      (on the bottom of the pot in a triangle it is supposed to be
      written the number plastic it is made of; it is to say 5 and
      the letters PP – this is safe); make sure the plastic is NOT recycled, but new.
      You can also get wood containers made of non treated wood
      (treated wood has toxins on it – this is what makes it treated) or
      you can even make some planting containers yourself very inexpensively by getting
      plain wood from Home Depot or LaValley; if you decide to go with pots made of clay,
      make sure they are NOT made in China, but in Italy instead; also,
      make sure they do NOT have a glossy glaze because it is usually toxic;
      and make sure they are just plain brick brown in color instead of having
      different paint on them because the paint will be toxic.
      These are your safest and best options.
      Let me know if I answered your questions and
      if you have more questions.
      Happy planting!
      Infinite love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

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