Absorb Earth’s Radiant Aura of Love

Nature is essential for all life and Nature is all about the truth. To reconnect with your higher self, today I desire to remind you of how important it is to enjoy Nature's healing power. It is free and priceless at the same time. The angels are sending us their magical message through Daily guidance from your angels by Doreen Virtue: "Your beautiful sensitivity has drawn you outdoors to commune with nature, where you fell the exquisite aliveness radiating from every plant, tree, bird and animal. Your soul and body are illuminated by the earth's embracing rays of love. As you sit on a rock, grass, sand, or soil, you can feel the planet continuously emitting supportive energy. Drink in the healing power of nature today. Even a few moments spent outdoors in quiet repose will revive you in unparalleled ways."

Your action for today: "I make a date with Mother Nature today,

spending as much time as possible outdoors.

I deeply breathe in the fresh air and feel my energy awaken.

I listen to the sweet sounds of nature

and absorb Earth's radiant aura of love."

Have you decided to be with Nature today? đŸ™‚ Venus

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