Always Focus upon the Truth with Gratitude

😛 Feeling grateful is an essential ingredient in the achievement of every success in life. This simple truth is astonishingly powerful. Just by reading my posts for the last week, it has become obvious to you that The Truth is always both very simple and profoundly powerful. Actually, this also is the reason why we ignore to acknowledge it most of the time.

Why is gratitude so powerful? One of the Universal Laws of Nature is the Law of Vibration of Energy and the Law of Attraction is a consequence from it. The vibration of gratitude is very high.  By the Law of Attraction, being grateful brings more things to be grateful for.

A great way to focus on gratitude is to write a list of all you are grateful for. Read the list in the morning and before going to bed to raise your vibration. Meditate on the feeling of gratitude and reflect on how you feel.

Always focus on the positive in your life with gratitude!

🙂 Venus

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One Response to Always Focus upon the Truth with Gratitude

  1. Sandee says:

    Thank you Venus for this wonderful inspirational and knowledgeable site. Yes, gratitude is the key ingredient to remain in your joy. Gratitude can turn a challenging moment into a vision of peace within. And, gratitude is the co-pilot in manifesting your hearts loving desires. I am grateful for you and this valuable website.

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