Here is a great way to ponder on the concept of betrayal. Most of us harbor pain from being betrayed. And having in mind that what happens to us is what we allow to happen, here is a food for thought: "We are never really betrayed by other people, but are betrayed only by our own refusal to listen, to learn, to see." This is Vernon Howard's wisdom. I desire to point out to you that 'the refusal to listen' he talks about refers to listening to our true self, not someone else from the outside. And once we truly listen to our true self from within, then magic happens because everyone of us has all the true answers within. All we have to do is just listen to them. Are you listening to your true self? Now is always the best time to start. Within you is your true self and this is the only true channel with the news that really matter to your own success. Just tune in and enjoy your Divinity. 🙂 Venus

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2 Responses to Betrayed?

  1. Val Wilcox says:

    Very wonderful point about listening to yourself, your inner voices to guide you to success.  Thanks for sharing,

  2. Venus :) says:

    Dear Val,

    Thank you for your wonderful sharing.


    Venus 🙂

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