Blenders and Food Processors

I received more questions about plastics, namely: What kind of plastic is used for the bowls of the food processors and the jugs of the blenders? You all are brilliant – this is another great question! I am very happy to see that you are wisely interested to know.

Unfortunately, the bowls of all food processors when plastic (this is the most common material for them) is made of the plastic that contains BPA and it is leaching it in the foods; another names for the same plastic are Lexan and PC (polycarbonate). The same plastic is used in the jugs for blenders when they are plastic. Recently, a different kind of plastic called co-polyester is considered for use in blender jugs but most of them are still made of the BPA. Read more about this kind of plastic here. To your perfect health! Keep your questions coming! Love and gratitude, Venus 🙂

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