Enjoy the Change, Bask in the New

😛 Change means getting out of your comfort zone and this is what associates change with fear. The place called a comfort zone is named the way it is to precisely describe it. Conventionally we are brainwashed to believe that getting out of our comfort zones is the worst and most dangerous risk we can ever take. This is a very deceptive appearance. The truth is that our comfort zones are the most limiting places we can ever choose and the worst possible risk that we can take is to remain unchanged in our comfort zones.

Today I make you a very simple yet amazingly powerful offer: Let go of the old and allow the new to bring you forward! Embrace the new ideas, thoughts, affirmations, opportunities, people….by expanding your comfort zone and allowing the new in it. Open up to new approaches to life. Meet the new with the winning ‘Why not?’ attitude and you will feel very grateful you did. Walk freely and gratefully through all the doors that open for you right now and learn from the ones that close. Decide to look at everything in a new, positively directed, abundant way.

Meditate on this wisdom and benefit from it. You are a manifestation power! Enjoy!

🙂 Venus

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