Five Simple Steps to Ask for Your Desires

😛 Today’s message to you serves as a reminder of the importance of asking the Universe for your desires.

Yes, ask the Universe for your desires. This is so profoundly simple that most times we forget to do it. And guess what – ask and it is given. So … ASK!

Put in your order to the Universe what you desire. Take action on your part by placing in your order what you truly desire.

Please remember that in order to ask the Universe for your desires, you have to be very clear on exactly what you want. This is the best action you will ever take and it is both very simple to do and extremely powerful to manifest.

Here are the 5 simple steps for you to take right now:

🙂 1. Decide to clarify your desires.

🙂 2. Clarify your desires by knowing exactly what you want.

🙂 3. Ask the Universe for your desires – place your order with the Universe. No credit card or payment required!

🙂 4. Faithfully and gratefully expect your desire to manifest by visualizing and experiencing them as already manifested.

🙂 5. Gratefully enjoy the manifestation of your desires.

CONGRATULATIONS on being the leading star in your own movie!

🙂 Venus

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