Let Go and Let God!

😛 When you call on the phone and ask for someone, you hear “hold on the line” while they get the person you are looking for. We do not even notice what society is doing to us unconsciously. Subconsciously we are bombarded with the same crippling message to hold on. Hold on the line, hold on your breath, hold on this, hold on that … and we become programmed to hold on to anything and anyone which is the worst possible thing we can do if we want to be free and if we want to succeed. Consciously start noticing any time you are asked to hold on and you will be amazed how often this is. Society is attaching us to the outcome of everything and everyone by commanding us to hold on. And then, after we follow all the orders to hold on, it is no wonder we feel horrible. Because when we hold on we are not ourselves, instead, we are those whose behaviors we copy while holding on. This is a huge topic and my desire today is just to attract your attention to it and open your mind to LET GO, to allow. Allow the flow of life and infinite abundance in your life. Let it go! Let it go! Let it go!

🙂 Venus

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