Let’s Do it vs Do It

Are you consciously aware of the exact words you always use? Even a small difference in the way you think and express yourself makes a huge difference for yourself and for everyone else. Even for people and things that you have not been consciously connected to. This is because everything and everyone is connected since everything is energy and energy is all connected. The words, phrases and sentences you use impact the energy. For example, the vibration that comes from the phrase 'let's do it' is very high and positive.

The vibration that comes out of the phrase 'do it' is very low and negative. The difference is subtle and yet, powerful. I have in front of me pictures of the crystals that water forms after being exposed to these two phrases. The crystal formed from the phrase 'let's do it' is very beautiful with a lovely shape. The picture of water exposed to the words 'do it' is very unpleasant and very similar to the picture from exposing the water to the word 'satan'. Nature is powerful and yet – pure LOVE. There is no force or command in it. "Do it' is forceful and full of command.

Masaru Emoto has done wonderful work on showing pictures of water. I wholeheartedly recommend you see his beautiful and wise findings. And remember, you are mostly water. So any of the words and phrases you use have the corresponding effect on the water in your body and also on the water everywhere – inside all and out. This is how powerful you are. Use your power beautifully and wisely. Choose only high vibrating words. I have faith in you! You are beautiful!


Love and gratitude,

Venus πŸ™‚

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4 Responses to Let’s Do it vs Do It

  1. Hi Venus,
    Thank you for this beautiful and powerful post, I really enjoyed it!
    So true are your high vibrational words
    I am with you all the way so "lets do it!"

  2. Jodi Lee says:

    Thanks Venus, for reminding us that small details make big differences. It just feels so much better, too, when we say let's…

  3. Hey Venus!  I would really love to see some pictures of the crystals that you were talking about.  I find this really fascinating.  Is there anyway that you can add pictures to your post?

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