Love Protects

A woman in Kansas City, protected herself from assault by speaking loving words. One night she was walking down a dark street, near the old Unity Society building on Tracy Avenue, when a man stepped out of the shadows stepped out from the shadows and put a gun in her ribs, saying, "Give me your purse or I'll plug you!" She turned and looked him right in the face, and said, "You can't harm me, because you are God's child and I love you." After twice repeating his threat, each time getting the same reply, he finally shook his head, mumbled something about, "this crazy woman," dropped his gun, and fled. This woman met an extreme situation in an extreme way – through the expression of love. THis true story is fromthe magnificent book The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder. Love is all powerful and works for everything. Always affirm: Divine Love prospers me now. Let's make our planet the planet of true Divine Love. 🙂 Venus

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