Mind, Body & Spirit

Have you asked yourself why we always put Mind, Body and Spirit in this order? Is it random? An accident? We live in an orderly universe where everything happens for a reason and this fact immediately excludes the possibilities of accidents. Accidents are appearances, the truth is that everything happens for a reason. Even if we don't immediately see the reason, this doesn't mean that it is an accident. In the same way, the order in which Mind, Body and Spirit appear is very orderly. Why do we put the Mind first? Because in the mind is where every creation begins. In the next posts in the following days I will tell you more about your magnificent mind and how you can use it to manifest anything your heart desires. I invite you to join me on this magical journey. 🙂 Venus

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2 Responses to Mind, Body & Spirit

  1. Jodi Lee says:

    Venus, this is so beautiful. Thank you! Jodi

  2. Venus :) says:

    Dear Jodi, Thank you for your beautiful words. Venus 🙂

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