Mineral Oil – a poison or a laxative?

Dear Friends,

Welcome! Today I feel guided to remind you of the truth about mineral oil and its effects on life and the planet.

We all drive cars and when we go for an oil change, we see in the invoice we get at the completion of the service that we actually

pay for the old oil to be disposed because it is hazardous. It is a hazardous waste disposal.

When you change the oil of your mowers and other garden equipment, you also dispose of it in the recycling center in a certain way.

For the same reason – because it is toxic. You don't just throw it.

Your home insurance agent asks you if your garage has a drain and the reason for it is that they don't want people pouring motor oil

down the drain because it is toxic and poisons everything and anything including the earth, the soil and all its inhabitants.

If you are asking yourself why I AM talking about motor oil when I promised to talk about mineral oil,

you are a very observant GENIUS! Congratulations! I AM very pleased to have you here visiting with me. It is a real honor to communicate with you! Thank you for being here!

The reason I started with a few facts about motor oil is because mineral oil is the same thing as that same motor oil you have in your car, mower, tractor, etc. The one you carefully dispose of and pay to do so every time.

Yes, mineral oil is a petrochemical that is given the name 'mineral' to sound pretty and deceiving but this is not changing its true nature – a pure poison. It is a carcinogen. How does this sound – a pure poison? When we say PURE, we think of something noble and nice, however, this positively sounding word 'pure' paired with the word 'poison' actually results in an expression that communicates one of the strongest meanings of poison.

It expresses exactly what mineral oil is – a pure poison.

I already see the puzzle on your face. Yes, in the stores, mineral oil is a main ingredient in most baby products. Even the ones for the most sensitive skin of the most sensitive kinds. Vaseline and mineral oil – pure poisons for the people, animals, plants and the environment. The ingredient in vaseline is pure petrolatum. Yes, pure poison that will coat the skin in the most abnormal way preventing the pores on the skin from functioning and eliminating.

Then, we look in other stores – the kitchen stores. All the beautiful wood creations – from cutting boards, to all kinds of spoons, stirrers, mixing spoons, salad mixing and serving set of a fork and a spoon, bowls, etc. – all have a label that tells you to apply mineral oil on them to keep them in a good condition. Sometimes the directions are to use wood oil or the oil that is recommended can have different names, but ultimately, when you look at the ingredients in all of these oils – mineral oil is contained. So, it is all poisoned.

Mineral oil is also coating your chess boards and other games with boards for you and your children.

And this way mineral oil gets in your food, on your hands, in your body, on your clothes, in the washer and dryer, in the water from washing, in the environment, etc.

And just to remind you that even if you have something on your skin for a short time, a big percentage of it (about 85%) gets absorbed through the pores of the skin and is found in the blood stream and in the liver shortly.

I see some of you are thinking bravely – oh, good, so if I already have mineral oil on my skin and as you said this clogs the pores so then my pores are already clogged so I should not have a problem with poisoning myself more. The fact to consider is that mineral oil will not allow elimination from within but will continue to get inside the skin. The flow still goes in, it just doesn't come out. So you poison yourself and ensure the poison stays in.

Also, when you eat it – all 100% of it is in you doing destruction.

Then you think – my doctor prescribed it to me as a laxative. I trust my doctor.

This is your life and you are in charge of your health.

Look at the facts. Allow yourself to feel the truth. Listen to Your True Self from Within You. Stop giving your power away and doubting your true knowledge that is your Divine heritage and it is available to you at all times upon your conscious desire to have it and it is done.

Mineral oil is a bi-product of petrochemical production and it has to be paid to be disposed of – the same way your car oil is.

However, it is instead packaged and sold to you to drink and eat it, put it on your precious baby, your loved ones, yourself….

And there are all these oils that could be used instead that actually will be beneficial for all. Organic cold-pressed olive oil will perfectly protect your kitchen wooden creations. Cold-pressed is important to prevent rancidity. Just wash them, dry them and if necessary, put some organic oils on them. Also, have in mind that one of the most beautiful wooden creations are made from sustainably harvested olive wood which is a very rich wood that requires minimal oiling with olive oil. And its grain has an astonishing beauty.

And if you are at the state to want a laxative – please, have a healthy respect for yourself. Poisoning yourself is not the way at all.

To answer the question in the title of this post – yes, mineral oil is a poison and as a laxative is a poisonous one.

I AM happy to help you be healthy nature's way. Just ask me through this blog.

I have faith in your Divinity and I trust you will choose true health for yourself and all.

Yes, the power of ONE is the greatest power of all. Start now and enjoy your Divine success.



Venus 🙂

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5 Responses to Mineral Oil – a poison or a laxative?

  1. One way to reduce this toxic threat to the environment – extended oil life means fewer oil changes: Multiply this by the number of cars, and you're making a difference

  2. you're so right: more people, more consumers, more waste, more pollution… what's the start point of this chain of destruction; and where will it end?

  3. blackpoopie says:

    Congratulation my friend on a wonderfully written article on the dangers of mineral oil. It seems people need to be hit over the head with the truth before it changes them. You have done that and I just hope more people will read this.
    Keep up the good work..  I appreciate it…  Truth makes us free.. nothing else….

  4. blackpoopie says:

    Hi again !   
    Thanks for another great article..  I just have a question.  A German lady friend of mine who is old and not well is taking all kind of 
    health remedies to help herself.
    The other day she told me that she had some petroleum oil that was made pure or something like that and she showed me it in a bottle..
    She is taking it I think and claims that it has great health benefits…  I could not believe it and was quite amazed but she thought it was a great product…  Have you heard of this?
    I think it just has to be another scam from some quack somewhere…
    Anyway, drop a note what you think of this…   Thanks so much..  keep up the good work..  I am getting rid of any and all things that have any mineral oil in them..  I used to eat licorise  candy and it has mineral oil in it..  so I have given that up ….   OK…   carry on the fight…     GOOD SUCCESS  to you….

    • Venus :) says:

      Hi Blackpoopie,

      Thank you for caring about your health and your friend’s.
      There are many things with many claims and it is important to
      see all of their ingredients to know if a product is healthy or not.
      If you give me the exact name of the product she is taking so I can look it up
      I will let you know all there is to know about it.

      Venus 🙂

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