Now. Here. This Moment.

Hello, Dear Friends! I truly missed sharing with you in the past month.

I have been on a truly Divine ride. I am writing a book about it.

I had an extraordinarily powerful experience with the Law of Vibration and Attraction.

In a sentence, I sold my property without putting a 'for sale' sign on it, without telling anyone, without posting even a single add, without a real estate agent, without people walking around my house to look at it,  without any negotiations and even without any property inspections. Yes, in this market now that is flooded with properties for sale and the number of properties for sale is many times bigger than the number of buyers. All the action I took was within me – a simple conversation within me that got response within the same day – yes, a physical manifestation.

A powerful confirmation that all creation starts within us.

The few people with whom I shared my true story are completely blown away.

And I decided to write it and share it with all to truly show you your infinite power that is available at your own command at all time to you.

So stay tuned  – I will release it soon.

Meanwhile, I am inspired to share with you a potent message found in three simple questions with the most powerful and truthful answers on the planet.

First, let me ask you a simple question: What is your greatest accomplishment in this lifetime?

Now, I ask you to focus your entire attention on the wise words that follow.

Your greatest accomplishment is to focus 100% on whatever it is you are doing at the moment.

How do you achieve this? By focusing your entire attention and your whole being on these three simple questions:

What time is it?

Where are you?

What are you now and here?

Here are the answers that when truly applied to you always result in the greatest accomplishment:

What time is it? NOW.

Where are you? HERE.

What are you now and here? This moment.

Let yourself truly be the answers.

Every single thing that you ever do, do it in the powerful light and beautiful wisdom of these 3 questions and their eloquent answers.

Start with your breathing. Your breath is your essence while in a physical body.

Focus totally on your breathing and be the answers of the 3 questions – be NOW, HERE, THIS MOMENT.

Just breathe and be.

Relax, Release and surrender all else ~ LET GO.

Clear yourself and your space with your breath. Yes, your breath is very powerful. Stop taking it for granted and start living it.

Remember your breath! It is equally essential to be mindful and conscious of your breathing as it is to realize that breathing is essential to you.

Start now and focus on whatever you are doing at the moment, be the moment – here and now.

Let go of the rush of multitasking. It tarnishes your essence and separates you from your true self, preventing you from achieving truly great accomplishments.

Focus on your breath.

Focus on the water you drink totally ignoring all else.

This is it – just totally focus on whatever you are doing at the moment so that you ARE the moment HERE and NOW.

Even if whatever you are doing is a habit so you do it without your conscious attention.

Yes, even if it is eating an apple, getting dressed, putting your shoes on, writing a symphony, creating your dreams

Master your true self and enjoy your Divinity!

Always remember:

What time is it? NOW.

Where are you? HERE.

What are you now and here? This moment.

Be conscious and just start now and here, at this moment while reading the wisdom in front of you. Be fully the moment now and here.

Create a new habit – the habit of being the moment now and here.

All flows in Divine order and synchronicities from it.

Don't ignore the wisdom because it is simple, doesn't hurt and you got it for free.

It is priceless and all powerful.


Let me know your experiences and your greatest accomplishments starting now, here, at this moment.

Share this wisdom with all your friends and followers to raise the vibration of all for the benefit of all ~ because we are all ONE. NOW, HERE, AT THIS MOMENT.


Venus 🙂


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9 Responses to Now. Here. This Moment.

  1. Val Wilcox says:

    Reading your words of wisdom always put me in a space of openness and peace.  You have come back into my journey at such a perfect moment.  I hadn't realized I had asked for this until I felt your presence.   You have given me the keys to calm myself and be present right here, right now.  My experiences are expanded and enriched.  THAT is my greatest accomplishment!
    Namaste my dear,
    Val 😉

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  3. Francesco says:

    that's what it is.  This moment here and now is all that is. there is nothing else anywhere except for this moment here and now. most powerful statement.
    Namaste 🙂

  4. Yes it's true, just totally focus on whatever you are doing at the moment so that you are the moment HERE and NOW There's nothing more important than today so cherish it, live life to the fullest. Cherish everyday as if it were your last. Cheers

  5. tessastuart says:

    You are super amazing! I just can't imagine how you did such things in solo. Great blog! thumbs up!

  6. Janet Gunn says:

    I would love to read the 6 comments to this. Can you see them?

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