One Is Beautiful, The Other One Works – Which One To Choose?

Below are their pictures – decide for yourself:

Yesterday I was syncing my devices, there was a video to be uploaded and it seemed that they weren't performing properly. It turned out that the beautiful violet cable that you see on the first picture was not performing all the time but just a bit – like touch and go. It was like a connection that worked on and off so the transfer of files didn't work well and weird 'error' messages appeared. Once we switched the beautiful violet cable with the other black one (second picture), everything was completed perfectly and immediately.






Why I am telling you this? Because it is a perfect example of what happens with all of us. We have infinite innate capabilities that are simply Divine. However, to use them, it is essential to be CONNECTED to our Higher Self. When the connection is not stable, or there are blockages to it, or it happens for a moment and is gone the next (like with the beautiful violet cable), then we can't perform according to our infinite most marvelous potential because our connection to our true self is OFF.

Tomorrow I will be presenting more on our connection and what is blocking and preventing us from using it and how to permanently clear the blockages so you can connect with ease and joy and create the results you choose in your life. Sign up here for it:

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