Safe Plastic Planting Pots, Compost Makers, Raised Beds

Wow! Another wise question: What kind of plastic are the planting pots, raised beds and compost makers made out of? I am very grateful to your wisdom and desire to know. There are many different kinds of plastic used for making pots for planting. Usually, you can find the number of plastic on the bottom of the pot. Some of them will say that they are made of recycled plastic and as we said already here, if the plastic is recycled, there is no guarantee what kinds of plastics are in it and the potential for contamination is great.

It is best to select pots made of 5 PP or 2 HDPE. Again, follow this guide here and select the safe kinds. Right now there are many materials from which planting pots are made and they are advertised as eco-friendly and such. Unfortunately, this is so called green washing when incorrect information is presented covered by some nicely sounding words – like eco-friendly, good for you and the environment and having call for action to buy them to help the environment.

The green-washing is very common nowadays because everyone desires to help the environment and people believe blindly in the false claims made on products. This is widespread – all over your health food store and local co-op and the only thing missing is real education so people themselves can recognize if the truth is given to them or a hazardous lie is presented to them under a 'green' cover.


This site actually is the only source where you will get the correct answers and I am happy to hand them to you. Moreover, I am even happier to hand you the solutions – so you can really do help your own health, the health of everyone else and also the health of the environment. You are probably wondering who I am to tell you that I know it all. As you see, this site is being build up as we speak and not everything is set up yet, but I invite you to visit often and soon you will learn more about me. I invite you to contact me through the 'contact me' tab and I am happy to talk with you and privately answer any questions you have about anything concerning your health and prosperity. You will be very glad you did!


To go back to the answer of the question: If you decide to buy plastic pots for your plants – choose the safe plastics – for more see here; if you decide to buy clay, this is a safe option too. I would not buy other materials even if they claim that they are made of biodegradable materials because these materials will leach unhealthy substances in the soil and they will get to your plants as well. There is a lot more to say on this topic, so submit your questions in the contact me section and I will answer them.


About the materials from which raised beds are made – there are different kinds again and the plastic ones actually don't give you any information on the kind of plastic used and mostly they are made of recycled plastics containing BPA – the kind that leaches toxins and is best to be avoided. You can easily and much cheaply make raised beds yourself by buying 8 or 10 inch wide 8 foot long untreated wooden panels/boards and make raised beds with your desired sizes. You will save a lot because a bed of this size is many times cheaper than the one you will buy that will be toxic on top of it.


What about compost makers? Unfortunately, when the compost makers are made of plastic, it is recycled and it contains BPA which leaches toxins – see more on it here. Now, let's look at it: the temperatures of the composting materials raise and this even increases the amount of toxins that leach from the material of the compost maker and goes in the newly formed compost and then in the soil and contaminates it. I don't recommend using a plastic compost maker. I am happy to recommend safe options if you ask for them. Ask and it is given!

Happy planting, Venus 🙂

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6 Responses to Safe Plastic Planting Pots, Compost Makers, Raised Beds

  1. Hi there Venus, thanks for giving more information about those toxins, never knew about them and I'm glad to see an article that explains it well. I'm composting too but never used compost maker made of plastic.
    For my garden with ornamental plants I also use clay pots, its heavy but it looks great. I recommend it too compared to plastic pots.

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Jay,

      Thank you for the lovely feedback.
      Yes, clay pots are the best.
      I love them and use them too.

      Looking forward to visiting with you and getting to know you,
      Venus 🙂

  2. I kind of dislike plastic the most. I do not want to use any plastic at home or anywhere. I know if I do that I have to go for high quality plastic. I am looking ahead for a plastic free world. I definitely recommend clay pots all over for plant growing!

  3. Recycling is not a sustainable solution for plastic disposal.  Most of our plastic waste is landfilled, downcycled or exported to other countries. And tragically, millions of tons of plastic poison our oceans.

  4. Joel@hgh says:

    Plastics that are permitted to enter commercial composting plants must have no deleterious effects on the composting operation, must undergo bio degradation themselves, and must not leave a harmful or toxic residue at the end of the composting procedure.

  5. Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
    I think that you can do with some pics to drive the
    message home a bit, but instead of that, this is magnificent blog.
    An excellent read. I’ll definitely be back.

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