Power vs Force (Part 2)

It is my sincere desire to share with you about the concepts of power and force. Every one who knows the fable of the sun and the wind desiring to take a coat off a person. The wind blew hard and the harder it blew, the harder the person was wrapping himself in the coat and the coat stayed on him despite the forceful efforts of the wind. So the wind gave up. When it was the sun's turn, the sun just showed up and smiled shining with all of its beautiful power. The person warmed up and freely took his coat off..

I love the wisdom of this story because it shows the absolute difference between power and force and moreover, effectively demonstrates the priorities of using power instead of force. Have you considered the difference between power and force? If you have not been consciously aware of it, I invite you to join the team of power. You are powerful. When power goes, everything flows!

Infinite Love & Gratitude,

Venus 🙂

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15 Responses to Power vs Force (Part 2)

  1. Scott Scales says:

    I never really thought about the difference between Power & Force.  Very interesting concept.  Thanks for sharing.

    • Venus :) says:

      Thank you for your honesty. I really appreciate you. The way we are taught at school has lead us into the trap of forcing things to happen. We are always told that we have to work hard. We were never told to work smart. It is well-known in the personal development leader’s circles that 1 hour of a smart thought process produces more results than 3 months of constant hard work. And it is more pleasant, easy and effective!
      Thank you for your thoughts.
      Venus 🙂

  2. Jodi Lee says:

    Oh, I love this story, Venus. Thanks so much for posting this!

  3. Venus, this is so powerful  We forget that we can be powerful by treating everyone with respect, and yes with love, the most powerful force of all. 
    We don't need to stress and strain, just allow.
    Thanks so much for this,

  4. All of us… I think… Well, at least I am guilty of often trying to force things to happen in my business and in marketing.  Whenever I force and push, I make mistakes.  As difficult as it is (for me), I have to always take a deep breath and remind myself to let go and let things happen.   Then things always flow better and the results are more profound.  But I always have to remind myself of this because it goes against my instinct to press on hard.  So thanks for reminding me Venue.  Interesting post.

    • Venus :) says:

      I am familiar with trying to force things to happen. I used to do it until I realized it doesn’t work and it is difficult and unpleasant on top. So I woke up! to the truth. The reason why things don’t flow freely when we force them is because it is against the Universal Laws of Nature. And imagine if it works when we do it forcefully, we’ll erroneously decide that this is the way to go and do it forcefully every time. There is a great reason when it doesn’t flow – to stop what we are doing and use our power. Profoundly simple and simple profound, yet never thought at any school.
      Thank you for your insight,
      Venus 🙂

  5. This is a lovely little fable that demonstrates how often we try to force things that we have no business forcing. I love the simplicity of the story to illustrate how working with our power is so much more effective than fighting against it!

    • Venus :) says:

      Mary Lou,
      Thank you for beautifully and wisely expressing it. I absolutely agree with you. Working with our power gives us flowing results and enjoyment.
      Thank you for your wisdom. I really appreciate you.
      Infinite love and gratitude,
      Venus 🙂

  6. Michael Feil says:

    Very interesting story!  You make some very good points.  We all want power but with great power come great responsibility!  At least that's what Peter Parker's uncle told him!  Thanks for your post.

    • Venus :) says:

      Thanks for your thoughts. It is true that responsibility comes with power and they form a great duet together. I think anyone who desires success is to be responsible – responsibility is an essential ingredient in really living, otherwise we merely exist waiting to be tossed and turned by someone else’s decisions. True success includes responsibility and power.
      Thank you,
      Venus 🙂

  7. I have never heard this story before.  What a powerful illustration of how we should approach reaching our goals!  The wind tried so hard and the harder it tried the more it caused the opposite result. 
    When we feel that we are forcing things in our lives, it usually means that we didn't put enough time and effort into preparation.
    Thanks for sharing this great story with us!

  8. Francesco says:

    First time I read this story Venus!
    I'm loving it!!!
    Thank you so much for sharing!
    Rock on!
    I appreciate you.

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