Self-Love vs Selfishness

Loving starts with yourself. Masaru Emoto wisely and eloquently expressed it: "To love yourself is to love and thank all of existence…" I promised in yesterday's post to write about self-love.  I feel eternally and infinitely grateful to realize and share with you this universally beneficial wisdom. And it is my desire to bring its treasure to you, my beloved truth loving followers.

Everyone of us has heard of the instructions we are given before every flight – in case of oxygen deprivation, we put our own oxygen mask before helping others with theirs. Because if we don't do it in this correct order, we can't help others if we are out of air.

It is very simple and easy. Still, in our daily lives, we go about completely ignoring ourselves. Why is that? Conventionally we are brainwashed to believe that helping or considering ourselves is selfish.

Let's take a real look at it and see the truth. When we ignore to love ourselves, we lose our power to help others and now this is what real selfishness is – not to be able to share our talents and abilities and knowledge with the world only because we chose to lose our power by ignoring ourselves.

When you start to love yourself, you feel the constant flow of peace and joy which confirms that you are on the right path. How magnificent is that! Love is the greatest power and when you love yourself you feel empowered. And you feel empowered simply because you are empowered.

Love is absolutely abundant. Let's give it freely and start with giving it to ourselves first – this will enable us to give it to others and spread it around. Self-love is the equivalent of building the first floor of a building before you build the second. But building a second floor without a first floor is not effective. True self-love means love and respect to all and for all.

Since love is abundant, there is plenty to share with everyone as well. And this way you will raise the vibration of the whole Universe. How powerful is that! You've got the power! Use it wisely and enjoy it! I have absolute faith in you that you will ๐Ÿ™‚ Venus

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5 Responses to Self-Love vs Selfishness

  1. Hi Venus,
    thanks for this post, I love self love.  you know it goes to say a lot about you and your energy and vibrations when your focus is on self love.
    thank you for loving yourself, I love you back by loving me fully.
    blessings my friend and tribe mate

  2. Venus :) says:

    Thank you, Jeremy! Mastering self love is an essential without which  true success is not created. I was blind to this truth until very recently when I realized the importance of it. I am mastering it now.

    Infinite love and gratitude to you,

    Venus ๐Ÿ™‚

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