Let's consider seriousness for a moment. It comes up for all of us more and more often. This is a conventional brainwashing again – be serious. Actually, being serious is not a high vibration quality bit it is an attribute of fear. We are brainwashed to believe that if we are serious we can accomplish what we want. In truth, this has nothing to do with it. To top it off, the more serious we are, the less we accomplish because we don't have faith. If we have firm faith, we don't have to be serious. Being serious implies tension and efforts. Tension means we don't allow ourselves to relax. But we can hear our true self if and only when we are totally relaxed. This means that when we are serious, we can't hear our true inner voice. Instead, we surrender to our ego which rules us from a place of fear. And this is how most of us live their lives. It is not really living, but suffering through them. No wonder many say that life is not fair. If lived in harmony with the universal laws of Nature, life is perfectly fair, full of love, light, peace, abundance and prosperity of all our desires. It becomes unfair when we choose to live it in the wrong way – in fear, from our ego-selves where all boundaries, limits and restrictions and with them all unfairness emerges.  Being serious puts us in a position of watching out so we are in control so nothing can go wrong. And this is the conventional way to be misguided. Don't take life too seriously, you'll never get out of it alive (I read this from a magnet). Conventionally we confuse serious with wise. We are to be wise and we are wise when we have firm faith which immediately leaves no room for being serious…because having faith means we trust God and things work out for us – don't have to be stiff and scared to work out and serious implies stiffness and worry, don't you think? Choose to nurture your inner child and have fun with it. Choose playfulness. Forget about serious. Have faith instead. 🙂 Venus

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