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Teaching and Learning are very intricately connected and delicately intertwined in a simply profound, subtle way. After a quiet observation, we see that everything we teach is actually a great learning experience for us as well, a powerful reminder to do what we know. Just knowing it is not enough until we do it! The biggest gap in our lives is the one between knowing and doing. Only because we know something, this doesn't mean we do it. And just by knowing it, it is not accomplished in reality. We are to DO it. Doing is the key. Only then we enjoy its benefits. And one way to be reminded to do what we teach is by being presented with opportunities to teach it. Here is a vivid story of what I mean. After sending my faith and belief in one of the women on my team who is experiencing limitations in her life right now, I assured her that it is only up to her to create abundance in all areas of her life. I gave her a plethora of very powerful affirmations to saturate her mind with, guiding her to start the creation of her own prosperity. I also advised her that in the creation process it is essential to go ahead in absolute faith and wisely use the supply she had at hand now to meet her necessities. And I went downstairs to start a fire in the wood stove. Here is when the fun begins. I got some thinner pieces of wood for starting it up and started it the usual way: I put two thin pieces of wood parallel to each other with a piece of crumpled brown paper in between, then I put a few more thin pieces of wood on top and lit the paper up. This is how I start the fire in the wood stove every day – easily, nicely, quickly. Except this time the fire didn't start. Even the paper didn't burn. And it was a piece of the same paper I have been using for quite a while and the same wood. Everything was the same, but the result was different – the fire didn't start. I put another piece of paper and lit it again. I got the same result. I did the same a few times with the same results. As I was witnessing the fire not starting, I clearly knew what was happening. I knew it, I just had to DO it!!! I was hoarding the last three pieces of fat wood I had. I didn't use them. Instead, I was starting the fire the way I had been doing it for the last two months – without fat wood because I had only three pieces left and I was hoarding those three pieces. And it worked for the past two months, however, today right after I encouraged this lovely woman to go ahead and wisely use the supply she currently had at hand without hoarding it until it grows to be sufficient, the fire didn't start. It was crystal clear that I was to follow my own very valuable advice which is universal and thus, all powerful. I was to use a piece of the three pieces of fat wood I had at hand in absolute faith in the abundance of the universal supply. By doing so I would be in harmony with the Natural Laws of the Universe I was teaching this lovely woman about. I knew it very well, I just had to do it. The moment I put one piece of fat wood in the fire, it started at once in the fastest, most beautiful way. The blazing flames were congratulating me sending their beautiful, all powerful blessings to me reminding me to always apply the Universal Laws of Nature in absolute faith in their success. They are universal and thus, always at work whether we are aware of them or not. Rejoice! In your all powerful choice to be in harmony with them and use them to create abundant prosperity for yourself and all! Enjoy ! 🙂 Venus

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  1. Hi Venus, I have always found teaching is a great opportunity to strengthen your own knowledge.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Kara,

      I absolutely agree! We all are great teachers to ourselves and everyone else who desires to grow. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world!
      Venus 🙂

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