The Concept of Trying

Have you ever thought of the concept of trying? Trying this, trying that – does is work for you? The Truth is that 'trying' never really works. Trying works best when fully released from our minds as a concept, once and for all, and replaced by doing. What does 'trying' do to us? Trying actually sets us up in a vicious cycle of energy seepage that depletes our energy in a surefire way. And the more we try the worse it gets and the more tired and depleted we feel. The great news is that getting out of this vampire drainage is only a decision away. And completely up to you, fully in your control. How magnificent is that! Make a clear decision today. You decide to either do it or don't do it. These are the two choices that set you free.


Think about it: trying doesn't do it. Trying is a state set by our egos that feeds us erroneous information that we can't do it. That we are not capable. That we are not good enough. Do you think God tries to do stuff? The mere fact that we allow ourselves to try means that we don't believe in ourselves. Because if we believe in ourselves, then we just go ahead and do it. Or decide not to do it if it is not worth it. But 'trying' implies that we start from a place of doubting our abilities to accomplish it. And consequently, by the power of the Universal Laws of Nature, especially the Law of attraction and the Law of cause and effect, we manifest a proof that we can't do it. Trying means doubting ourselves and this is the frequency of its vibration. This is a frequency of fear, worry, anxiety and lack of faith in accomplishing our desire. And we attract results of the same low frequency.

The choice is clear – decide to do it or not to do it. Trying is not an option that brings positive results. Trying sets the scene perfectly for a failure to accomplish our desired results. When we plant sunflower seeds, we grow sunflowers. We can't grow melons from sunflower seeds and we don't expect to do so. It is the same here – planting the seeds of trying produces the plant of trying which is different from our desires to have it done, beautifully accomplished.

Now is the best time to decide in advance that the word 'trying' is excluded from your written, spoken and thought vocabulary of success. The power of advanced decision making is very profound because you have made up your mind in advance and just follow your decision without any hesitations for any particular situation. You have decided in advance to be true to yourself. It is that simple. I am very grateful I did. What do you choose today?

🙂 Venus

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  1. Sandee says:

    I choose to know that I am a powerful being of the light with unlimited potential and whatever I choose for the highest good of all will be gifted to me with my deepest gratitude.

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