The Law Of Laws (part 3)

The Law of Cause & Effect: Our physical world consists of the effects of causes. Every effect is a result of a cause.

I invite you to take a deep breath, slowly exhale, relax and focus on this simple sentence: Every effect is a result of a cause. Internalize it and feel its power. Realize the wisdom in it.

What does it imply? Focus on the cause and the effect follows.

As we talked in the previous part The Law of Vibration & Attraction, whatever is the frequency of the vibration offered, the same is the frequency of what it attracts. Let's connect the dots now: Focus on the cause with your consciously chosen desired vibration to attract the results you desire. Your results are the effects produced by the vibration that caused them. This is very simple and yet truly powerful when applied. I remind you to really act on it – apply it. We all know this truth, however, the best knowledge is powerful only when applied, acted upon.

Your thoughts are always causes of effects and these effects are the results you get. They vibrate at the same frequency as the vibration that caused them, the thoughts that caused them.

When you think thoughts of worry, you produce results that attract more to worry about. And you don't feel joyful while doing it anyway. So why do it?

You have the power to choose. Choose your thoughts wisely!

If you are given a movie to watch and you put the DVD in the player, you press the 'play' button and don't like what is on the screen, what do you do? You press 'eject' and get rid of the disc. The same with your head – be present and consciously aware of what thoughts are in it.

The moment you don't like a thought, press the 'eject' button and remove it. Replace it with a high frequency prosperous thought that will cause prosperous effects – your desired results.

If you decide to be consciously aware of your thoughts and really do it, this precious awareness will turn into a habit pretty soon and you will be producing desired results habitually.

How great is that? It is magnificent! It is exactly what you are created to be.

If you find this information valuable, share it with others so all can benefit from it.

Next time we will continue with another very powerful universal law. I wish you start applying the powerful knowledge you already possess to produce Divine results.

With infinite love and gratitude,

Venus 🙂

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23 Responses to The Law Of Laws (part 3)

  1. Scott Scales says:

    Hey Venus.  I have studied Abraham for years and I so get the Law Of Attraction.  Good advice to  keep an eye on what you are thinking as that is what you will be attracting into your reality.

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  3. Just today I was listening to Bob Proctor on the laws and it just makes so much sense!  After hearing it for the 20th time that is. lol  Great reminder to keep our minds open and doing things in a certain way.  It's no secret! ha.

    • Venus :) says:

      You are so right! The way to really listen is by either sudden shock or repetition – those are the 2 ways to reprogram our subconscious. The first one is not something we are to do voluntarily, but listening over and over and over again until we truly reprogram our subconscious does the trick. It is only normal that it clicks after some time. You are wonderful!
      All my love and support to your great achievements,
      Venus 🙂

  4. Jodi Lee says:

    I love the 'eject button'! fantastic – I'm going to use that one a lot.

  5. My favorite part of this post, Venus, is the "eject" button. I like thinking of negative thoughts as DVDs I can just eject out of my head because I don't like what they are showing me. 🙂
    Wonderful post as always. Timeless wisdom that we can never hear enough. Thank you for being passionate about this subject and putting your good vibrations out into the world!
    ~Mary Lou

    • Venus :) says:

      Mary Lou,

      I am very grateful to know you and very blessed to receive your high vibrating thoughts and words. You have a great way of very eloquently and attractively expressing yourself. Thank you with all my heart for being the treasure that you are!
      Venus 🙂

  6. Hi Venus,
    I love this post its very good, I am really hoping everyone that I share and tweet this post gets to read it.  You have a very good way with words for easy understanding.
    I love the "eject" button too.
    Blessings with love and light

    • Venus :) says:


      You sure are in my soul family! Thank you for all your loving support and wonderful, wise thoughts.
      I am very blessed to know you.

      Thank you with all my heart.
      Infinite love and light to you,
      Venus 🙂

  7. You told Scott that the tricky part is to just do it.  That's so true.  I know all this stuff back and forth, but DOING it… it just doesn't come all that easy to me.  I really fight those backslides and reading your posts helps keep me on target.  I can never hear enough of your great ideas, Venus!

    • Venus :) says:


      Your comments always are an eloquent present to unwrap and enjoy! Thank you for the high vibrating feedback. I truly appreciate you and your support.
      You are absolutely right that the step from knowing it to doing it is the most important one. I even wrote a post on it – the biggest gap in our lives is the one between what we know and what we do. I will write more on it soon because this is truly the mastery of the laws – to apply them, to do them, to live them. This is the step from being consciously competent to becoming unconsciously competent – doing it by habit. It is coming soon. I have wonderful tools to offer that get the fastest and most effective results.
      Venus 🙂

  8. Michael Feil says:

    Great continuation to your previous posts!  You are really right on with this stuff!  Keep these great posts coming!!  Thanks for all you do!

    • Venus :) says:

      Thank you for the positive feedback. I truly appreciate you and your high vibrating, supportive words.

      Love and light to you and your wonderful family,
      Venus 🙂

  9. Such important information!  Thanks Venus.  When you talk about thought of worry it reminds me of a concept.  Worrying is actually mentally living the thing you are worried about.  Most of the time, that never happens anyway so  you are repeatedly living something over and over and feeling the feelings for nothing.  If it does happen, isn't once enough?  The constant worrying can help you to make it so, as you said, so why not "worry" about something wonderful and keep living that great feeling.  If it never happens, you had the pleasure of experiencing it, and if it does, you can treasure all the times you got to live it.
    Keep up these important ideas for us.

    • Venus :) says:


      We attract what we think about. So if we think of prosperous, high vibrating thoughts, we can’t attract low vibrating results. And worry is low vibrating.
      Keep being positive and you will enjoy only prosperous results.

      Love and Light,
      Venus 🙂

  10. Hey Venus! 
    I have to agree with everyone else.  I love the Eject button method that you describe.  I think when you first get started trying to put this in to action, one of the hardest things is just being aware enough to catch yourself when you are thinking negative thoughts so that you can Eject them, but like everything else it gets easier with practice.

    This is also one of those things that I am much better at catching when other people do it (like my husband) than I am at catching myself.
    I have never taken the time to do a vision board, but maybe what could help me more (and seem less overwhelming) is doing some smaller version that I put everywhere I normally go to help me to focus on more positives.

    I am looking forward to learning more!

    • Venus :) says:


      You made some great points: it is true that it is easier to notice others than ourselves – it is so because we are observers for them, and in the frame of our own picture. It is very wise to become observers of ourselves. The most important component to success is to intent to succeed, decide to do it and consciously observe ourselves until we make it a habit to be in harmony with the universal laws of nature. And yes, practice makes perfect.
      I am more than happy to help you achieve it. It is a great idea to have a mini vision board for a start.
      Let me know how it goes.
      Always happy to help,
      Venus 🙂

  11. Hey Venus! Excellent post here! We should all be so mindful of our thoughts and how we manifest them into reality into our lives!

    • Venus :) says:

      Hi Julianna,

      Welcome and thank you for the wise words. Let’s all raise the vibration and attract our desires.
      Love and light to you,
      Venus 🙂

  12. I love your lessons on the Laws!  Yes, thoughts do create things.  Once I started to understand this law and did my best to change my thoughts, everything changed.  It really works!!  
    I love your analogy of the DVD player and just changing the disk!  So very cool!
    Thank you so much for your enlightening posts Venus!
    Kellie 🙂

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Kellie,

      Thank you for all your beautiful support and angelic words. I truly appreciate you, my beautiful friend!
      Love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

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