The Law Of Laws (part 5)

Hello, my dear friends! We are getting into the most exciting part – application of the Universal Laws of Nature. The application is where the true power is experienced. You can review the laws here: The Law of Laws, The Law of Vibration & Attraction, The Law of Cause & Effect, The Law of Creation & Manifestation.

There are few essential features of energy in addition to what we already learned: rhythm, relativity, polarity & perpetual transmutation. Understanding them is essential to manifesting your true heart's desires.

Let's look at them: Energy is continuously flowing from one form into another ~ it is in perpetual motion or perpetual transmutation.

All creation starts in your mind. It all begins with our thoughts which are intangible. Anything that is not detected by the 5 senses ~ see, hear, smell, touch, taste ~ is considered intangible.

However, it is important to understand the difference between intangible and nonexistent. Conventionally we are brainwashed to believe that only what is detected by the 5 senses exists and nothing else. So we are blindfolded and programmed to believe that our thoughts don't exist because they are not trivially detectable by the 5 senses. Although we are not directly told that our thoughts don't exist, all formal education at all formal education facilities implies it. What I am talking about here is not taught in any formal school anywhere on the planet. However, the truth is different.

Let's look at the truth. I am inviting you to experience it here and now. Do you agree that your thoughts exist? If so, then this immediately shows that there are things that exist although they are not trivially detected by any or all of the 5 senses. This means there are many things like that – that are intangible and exist. In realizing this truth and awakening to it is exactly where the awesome journey of being your true self begins.

What you manifest depends on the frequency of the energy with which your thoughts vibrate. Here we get into the essential feature of relativity. The only way we know if the vibration of energy is high or low is to compare it to a different vibration of energy. Let's remind ourselves that energy is all there is, so every single thing is energy and thus comparable to everything else by considering its frequency of vibration. The relativity gives us a frame of reference.

Energy transmutation is what brings about the manifestation into a tangible form.

Rhythm ~ Nature is the Master of rhythm. Nature's rhythms are powerful, beautiful and innate. All of them are created in the most perfect Divine way to live in love, light, peace, constant renewal, abundance, prosperity and perfect health. We all are perfectly equipped to live in Nature's innate, beautiful, powerful rhythms. We inhale and exhale and inhale again and exhale without even noticing. This is truly powerful! This is what gives us life.The day follows night and day again and night – ~ just feel the easy flow of it. It is a gigantic result achieved with love, peace, poise and grace. It is freely flowing and full of loving power.

Polarity ~ this feature is based on our perception of opposites and our understanding of relativity. Hot – cold, up – down are pairs of polar opposites. This diversity exists to propel creation. Polarity exists to propel our true heart's desires so we create and manifest them. Relativity  helps us determine where we are relative to manifesting our true heart's desires. The rhythm is allowing the smooth energy flow innately equipped with a quantum effect.

I invite you to take a deep breath through your nose and slowly exhale through your mouth while allowing this highly vibrating information to empower and enlighten you. I encourage you to read it again absorbing it freely and feeling how it penetrates your subconscious mind.

In the next posts I will present you with enlightening discoveries of what innate abilities you are equipped beyond your five senses and how you can access and use their ultimate power for creation and manifestation of your reality. Yes, we will visit the magic world beyond where you can get your Ph.D. in true prosperity and perfect health. Let's spread the light and love by sharing this knowledge with all who matter to you and the world.

Infinite love and gratitude to you,

Venus 🙂

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15 Responses to The Law Of Laws (part 5)

  1. Venus, you have some really good stuff here.  I particularly like the explanation that if you believe your thoughts are real, then you know that other things that are unseen and intangible are real too.  That is the first step.

    Thank you for this series.


    • Venus :) says:

      Hi Sandy,

      Yes! You are absolutely right. I wish for all of us to truly start living this way – following our true selves and enjoying any minute of it.
      Venus 🙂

  2. Venus:
    Loved your post,….your thoughts,….colours….actions….WOW!   An invitation to the true Prosperity and Perfect Health!
    The energy in your writings are loving and alive…thanks so much for sharing!

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Linda,

      Thank you with all my heart for the prosperous feedback and alive high-vibrating support.
      I truly appreciate you and your authenticity.
      Infinite love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

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  4. Val Wilcox says:

    I love the energy that flows through your posts.  Your thoughts create the energy that brings them into reality.  I love this statement – Energy transmutation is what brings about the manifestation into a tangible form.  Such great power in this.  Thanks so much for sharing these thoughts,

  5. You really know your Universal laws Venus!  Thank you so much for taking the time to do 5 blog posts detailing each law.
    It becomes more and more evident that our 5 senses are very limited in their perception of reality.  I am looking forward to your next posts where you will take us to the "magical world", which is more real than the physical one we live in.  Thank you for detailed explanation of what is usually a very complicated topic.
    You are so magical Venus!  I love it!!
    Much love & aloha sister,
    Kellie 🙂

    • Venus :) says:

      Beautiful Kellie,

      Thank you with all my heart for the Divine support and your eloquently expressed wisdom.
      I truly appreciate you! You are a real treasure for all of us.
      Infinite love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

  6. Brilliant post Venus, you really give the mechanics on how THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS… Thank you so much for sharing! 🙂  

  7. Scott Scales says:

    Hey Venus,

    Love this post.  I have always felt that it is contrast that allows us to see the thing we truly desire  and focus our energy on those desires.

    • Venus :) says:


      Thank you for the lovely thoughts. You put it very eloquently – the contrast is what propels success and the very thing we misunderstand often.

      Venus 🙂

  8. Francesco says:

    Hello Venus!
    Sending some love and appreciation to your blog!
    Energy is all-that-is.

    • Venus :) says:

      Welcome, Francesco!

      Thank you for the love and appreciation! I am very happy to have you here and am very grateful for you and to you.

      Infinite love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

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