The Power & Speed Of My Tribe

My tribe means instant manifestation! I am just opening my eyes – it is 7 am on a Saturday morning, April 10, 2010. I am still in Alpha state and the story you are reading is literally pouring out of my mind as I am writing it down. I feel enlightened, blissful and empowered. I feel Divine! My heart is full of infinite love and gratitude happily delivered by my blood to all my cells. Last night I experienced the synergy of two powers for an instant manifestation: the sweetness and effectiveness of a mastermind harmonized with the power and speed of a tribe. I enjoy the beauty of this synergy and desire to raise your vibration with this instant manifestation story.

Here it is! I enjoyed a magical time last night – yes, on Friday night. The time when you may think everyone is resting from the week and thus, unavailable. It proved much differently. Here is the full scoop.

My tribe was instantly available and I lived the power of its knowledge, desire to share it and expert help that delivers instant working solutions…even on a Friday night.

We all know about the 6 degrees of separation concept according to which everyone can be reached by at most 6 others. Well, I experienced the 2 degree chain's power when my tribe was there for me on a Friday evening.

To bring you up to speed, I will very briefly sketch my blog story. The concept of a blog truly appealed to me and I decided I am building a blog. I love and enjoy writing so writing posts is a given pleasure and yet, there are still technical details to be manifested for my blog starting from a theme. Looking through the blogs of some of my tribe-mates and seeing in my mind my desired blog look, I asked David Merrill and Eric Goldstein which themes they were using. I got instant responses. Thank you, guys! I was drawn to the Thesis Theme. Since Eric has it on his blog, I asked him about it. I had no knowledge on themes and I had no clue about the best way to proceed to find a theme I love.

During our TribeTuesday call, Yannick Van Den Bos from friendly mentioned that the flowers on my blog are very pretty, but he would like to see my face in there too. The synchronicity was empowering: Earlier the same day I firmly decided that by the end of the day I am getting a theme for my blog. So Yannick's very prophetic nudge was the straw that overfilled the cup of my desire to finally put my blog in order and I heard myself sharing that I am biyng a theme TODAY! Melissa and Kim were also on the call. I have already enjoyed Melissa from and her irresistible desire to help me with my blog for the past few weeks. Kim from is very famous in my tribe for her technical knowledge, help and support. Kim has been on my mind for the past week, so I happily thanked the law of attraction for always beautifully and powerfully working for me. I love it!

Now I am experiencing Kim's charm as well and as Melissa is posting links on the skype chat, I am asking what to look for and how to start selecting a theme. Kim offers her help and she is ready to talk immediately after our call. Thank you, Kim! She put it very simply and beautifully in 3 easy steps.

I had a light bulb moment – I learned there is just ONE Thesis theme. You customize it the way you desire. I thought there are many themes and before buying a theme, I had to select it and make sure it had certain features. I laughed at myself. I love to laugh at myself.

Now this is awesome. Step 1 – get the theme, step 2 – create a header, step 3 – the technical stuff. When the light is on, I see. Kim turned the light on for me. A very enjoyable experience.

Gorgeous! I got the theme. My best friend on the planet created the header. It was a Divine magic how the image of the header from my mind was smoothly transferred to his and he masterly created it at once. Thank you, my dearest genius! Infinite love and gratitude to you.

Now I have Thesis installed on my blog and the next thing I notice is that my replies to people's comments don't show up. I email Eric asking about it and quickly get a response from him with the suggestion to check on the comments settings and also that Clifton Hatfield, a tribe-mate from, is an expert on the theme. Now I am sending a message to Clifton asking for a solution. Literally instantly he replies on a Friday evening telling me that Thesis supports threaded comments and this is it, my friends!

The spotlight on Clifton. He masterly served the simple solution on a beautiful platter. He opened the Pandora's box in a second. I had installed the plugin WordPress Thread Comment on my blog and it worked beautifully. However, when I installed Thesis, since it is already equipped to support threaded comments, the plugin was not necessary any longer and moreover, it was preventing my replies from showing up. Brilliantly! I just deleted the plugin and my responses to all comments showed up.

I am gratefully honoring you, my dear tribe-mates. Thank you! We truly are an empowered tribe. We are empowered, empowering and in full power!

Thank you to the six guys who started it all:

Kary Rogney ~,

Ken Pickard ~,

MichaelFeil ~,

Eric Goldstein ~,

Nick Logan ~,

Dr. Jon

It is my privilege to be in our empowered tribe!

When my friend Jodie Thompson from shared how quickly she manifested answers to her questions by asking them on the social media sites, I was happy to hear people are so wonderful to instantly respond and help, however, as I experienced it myself, now I truly understand how powerful it is and truly know the lightning speed of its delivery. A bolt of light and love delivered right with wisdom. Incredible!

Desire instant manifestation? The answer is simplejust add an empowered tribe or join ours or get a tribe of your own. All are welcome aboard our powerful vessel of instant manifestations! The extraordinary power is born from the synergy of the synchronicity delivered in this potent way through the infinite vitality of an empowered tribe mastermind.

I invite all of you, my dear friends, my beloved empowered tribe mates, to leave a comment so we get to share with the world the magnificence of our tribe and its empowered mastermind. Let's share our love and light on the social media sites so all our fans, friends and followers benefit.

We truly are on the cutting edge of the new era of empowered tribe mastermind for instant manifestations. Welcome! Enjoy the Divine ride!

I invite all of you to share stories of your instant manifestations to inspire all. Thank you!


Venus 🙂

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20 Responses to The Power & Speed Of My Tribe

  1. Val Wilcox says:

    What a beautiful post validating the people who have supported and shared with you.  You have such a peaceful energy flow.  Thank you for sharing that energy with me today,

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Val,

      I truly appreciate your loving feedback and its high vibrating energy. Thank you for being the treasure that you are.
      Venus 🙂

  2. Thanks so much Venus for the kind words!  I have really enjoyed getting to know you and I love helping people get started with their blogs.  Being part of this tribe was definitely one of the best decisions that I have made.  I have met so many wonderful people through this community that I know will be lifelong friends.  It is amazing how many people are so willing to share their time and knowledge with all of us.

    It is great that you are spreading the word! 

    Oh and btw, the new Theme is looking great.  Can't wait to see how you continue to develop it!

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Melissa,

      Thank you for all your support and encouraging words. Thank you for sharing your warm feelings about our tribe. I truly enjoy knowing you and look forward to more in the future.
      Venus 🙂

  3. Great Concept Venus…it is so true through working as a team we can create wonderful things very quickly.
    Helen Belcher

  4. HI Venus,
    As you know, I too have received many answers from our wonderful tribe.  Your generous recognition of the help that people have extended is so nice.
    Take care,

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Sandy,
      Thank you for sharing your experience with our tribe. I am very happy to know everyone in it, although I haven’t connected with all the members. I am looking forward to knowing all.

      Venus 🙂

  5. Anna Johnston says:

    Fabulous post Venus! Such a great way to thank the amazing Empowered Tribe! 🙂

  6. Martina Bingley says:

    Hi Venus,
    Thanks for sharing your life and soul on your blog and how you have been divinely looked after by our tribe. I am a new member and am in the same boat in getting started.  Still deciding my blog name and purchasing a host account and thesis.  Great help to know how your answers came so instantly.  It inspired me to get the ball rolling now.  Looking forward to get to know you in PBY tribe.  It's the first time I realized that we are in a tribe together, which feels very powerful.  Cheers, Martina

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Martina,

      Welcome! to the tribe and to my blog!
      It is very exciting and wonderful to set up a blog.
      I still have widgets to install – it is just a question of
      doing it. I love writing and it is my passion to
      share with the world.
      Let me know if I can help you with anything.

      Looking forward to get to know you.
      Infinite love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

  7. Francesco says:

    Hey Venus!
    Thank you for sharing your love and appreciation for your friends!!!
    I feel blessed to have your "pink" energy in my Experience! 🙂
    Love and Laughter!

    • Venus :) says:

      Hi Francesco,

      The feeling is mutual.
      I feel honored to know you and love to be in your Divine presence.
      Let’s spread the ‘pink’ energy around.

      Infinite love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

  8. That was lovely Venus! It is such a beautiful thing when you see and appreciate these synchronicities and then you see more and more. Your blog looks wonderful!
    Yamuna Keller

  9. Adam Short says:

    I've been using manifestation for a couple of years now. I got started after reading the book "The Secret" and have gone on to read a heap of other manifestation books since. Manifestation is one of the keys I've been able to create a successful marketing business.

  10. Hi Venus! Good for you to have that awesome feeling. I can also feel the excitement and happiness you feel. It was truly a great feeling how many people are so willing to share their time and knowledge with other that can contribute much on the person's growth.

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