The Truth about Chocolate

What is chocolate for you? Do you eat it? If yes, why? If not, why? I will let you know the secret about chocolate. I promise it is life changing and when you get it, you will feel how you knew this all along but didn't allow your true knowledge to come out. Instead, you just engorged in chocolate reacting to your cravings. That's right – reacting. I will tell you the difference between reacting and responding – in a different post. The great news is – you can allow your true knowing to come out NOW! So let's get to the bottom of it. Please, don't allow your ego to take over you and deceive you so you continue to follow its erroneous advice and live in the deception of its appearances. Chocolate contains P.E.A. which abbreviates phenelethylamine and when you eat chocolate you fill in your neuron receptors that are created for Divine Love with the chemical P.E.A. By eating chocolate, you are literally cutting your ability to experience Divine Love. And you are substituting this feeling with dealing with P.E.A. It is not a coincidence that the chemical you use to substitute Divine Love is P.E.A. Yes, it is a weird substitution – the biggest feeling for the smallest (pea size) chemical which is pronounced 'pee'. What an erroneous substitution! Divine Love is the most powerful and profound feeling, it is your essence and a birth right and in truth there is no substitute for Divine Love because Divine Love is the only thing that is real and everything else that is real is born from Divine Love. P.E.A. is not coming from Divine Love. Your cravings for chocolate are not there because you have to eat chocolate. They are there to prompt you to be your true self. They are there to remind you that you are an omnipotent and omnipresent spirit in a physical body equipped with a mind. To ask you to be your authentic self. By engorging in chocolate you lock your true self in a self-made prison and allow your ego to represent you. Chocolate craving is a desire to reconnect with your Creator and with your true self. Be grateful to the chocolate cravings for reminding you of your true self. Send them love and allow Divine Love, Light and Truth to be in you by choosing wisely. What do you choose today – Divine Love or pea? I trust you choose wisely. 🙂 Venus

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2 Responses to The Truth about Chocolate

  1. Sandee says:

    Venus this is very interesting, can you expound on this further?  How does this relate to other cravings?

    • Venus :) says:


      Your question is awesome!!! Thank you for it! I will write more on it in a new post, however, to briefly answer, it depends on what kind of a craving we have in mind: a craving which is in harmony with the universal laws of nature or not. For example, craving clean fresh air and pure water is a craving in harmony with the universal laws of nature and thus, it is beneficial for us; craving chocolate is not in harmony with the universal laws of nature and thus, it is not beneficial for us. Stay tuned for a lot more on this. THis is a great topic. Thank you for bringing it up. Venus 🙂

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