Warm Hug and Beautiful Roses for YOU

Dear friends, to express my love and appreciation for you today, I give you a warm hug and beautiful roses. Breathe in the organic essence of life from them. Enjoy your Divinity!

I celebrate the Light in you.

Infinite love and gratitude, Venus 🙂

One Rose for Unconditional Love

One Rose For Financial Wealth

One for Everlasting Happiness

Several for Success

One for Knowledge

One for Beauty, inner and outer

Many for Family

One for Honesty

And the last one for a long and healthy life

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18 Responses to Warm Hug and Beautiful Roses for YOU

  1. Val Wilcox says:

    Thanks so much for sharing your hugs and beautiful roses with everyone.  You have such a warm heart that you share so freely.  I appreciate your gentle words and deep thoughts,
    Val 😉

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  3. Hi Venus.  I celebrate the light in you as well!!   Thanks for the hugs and the roses!  I will pass it on!

  4. Francesco says:

    Thank you for sharing the Love.
    I love colours so much!


    • Venus :) says:


      Colors are Divine expressions of Love and Light.
      That’s why you love them.
      You have allowed the Divine Love and Its Light to shine through you!

      Venus 🙂

  5. Oh how this goddess ADORES receiving roses. Reminds me of opening nights, and standing ovations, and romantic anniversary dinners with my love.
    Thank you, Venus, for bringing back such wonderful memories, and for being such a Divine expression of grace and love.
    The goddess known as Jacqui

  6. Thanks for the hugs and roses.  I celebrate the light in you, too.  I realize now how bright you do shine.  
    Thanks again,

  7. venus, thanks you for the gift!  i love connecting with you.  thank you for your wisdom. 

  8. They are indeed beautiful, Venus. Thanks for the warm hug and wishes. Right back at 'ya!

    • Venus :) says:

      Beauty Cherrie,

      Thank you for your lovely support.
      I have been off line for a while but I am back and looking
      forward to getting to know you better.

      Venus 🙂

  9. Wow this roses you posted is very suitable for a gift during mother's day and valentines day. I like this so much because it calms my mind and gives me happiness in my innermost heart. Thank you for this post.

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