What are the Reasons behind your Actions?

Today I desire to point your attention in a very subtle and yet conventionally overlooked direction – the reason you do everything that you do. Are you consciously aware of the reasons behind your actions? Most of us are not consciously aware of the reasons. We have not been taught at school to consider the reasons behind our actions. The Truth is very simple and profound: the reason for which you do anything is the one that brings the outcome from your actions. Think about it. And you can do the same thing, however, for different reasons and your results will be different because of the reasons you behind your actions. This is an universal law and consequently works every time.

Think about it. Did you put your old bottles in the recycling because you find recycling valuable for the planet and its inhabitants, or because someone was watching you and you cared about what they would think of you, or something else? Did you tell your friend she looked magnificent today because she really did or because you wanted to get away with something you did?…Did you invest in yourself because you were aware of your infinite potential and you wanted to unfold it or because you were afraid your boss would fire you? Be conscious of the reasons behind your actions and you will be glad you did!

🙂 Venus

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