What Does HAIL Have To Do With Your Invisible Blockages?

Greetings, This morning the spring was tangibly everywhere. There was a light drizzle – pretty pleasant. The sun was shining. And just like that at once it started to hail. Yes, hail, frozen balls of water falling from the sky. You can see for yourself on the video I took for you.


Right now it is actually snowing – big fluffy snowflakes falling from the sky. What does frozen water (no matter what we choose to call it) falling from the sky have to do with our internal energetic state? Everything, in fact. It is a pretty accurate mirror image of the frozen light we have within us that, although invisible for our physical eyes and not perceivable by the five senses of our physical bodies is CONTROLLING our lives independently of our conscious efforts, hard work and persistence. That FROZEN LIGHT is CAUSING physiological STRESS and overwhelm that is clearly visceral for us, though. You know very well when stress is choking you up and you know the huge amount of energy it takes from you to fight it, to silence it, to overcome it. And in vain, because the only beneficial way for you to deal with it is to RELEASE IT permanently, once and for all and to FREE yourself from its invisible, black, sharper than knives and stronger than metal, claws that are tearing you apart within and eventually cause physical problems in your body that are pretty tangible to perceive with the five senses of your physical body and trying to remove them only from the physical level will not produce lasting results because the root of them is quantum. Let me ask you a question: DO you choose to MELT the frozen light from within you that is continuously blocking you and preventing you from being in your flow with ease and joy? I invite you to come and see, hear and feel for yourself if you have invisible blockages that prevent you from enjoying the life that you choose for yourself. And to remove them permanently, FREEING yourself to truly live. Click the link to connect with your freedom : https://venusrecommends.leadpages.co/turning-it-all-around/


Dr. Venus 🙂

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