Who Are You Really? (part 3)

Hello, dear friends! I was in a country on a different continent and one day I entered a room full of over 200 people. The conversations were going all over on the topic of who the new president of the country would be. Having no idea and no interest whatsoever about who is running or anything else in this regard, I was literally shocked when I heard myself saying aloud a name. I didn't even have a second to figure out how this name came to me and why I said it. It felt as if someone else opened my mouth and said it without any thought in advance whatsoever on my part. I heard it myself the moment all the others did and it felt very different since usually when I talk I know in advance what I am going to say.

I had no interest in anything even remotely connected to this topic and never listened to any media or news. So it wasn't that I have absorbed it subconsciously while listening to the news or have been in places where they are running on the back ground, etc.

While I was digesting what I just did, I heard a sudden silence – yes, just like in the movies when everyone talks and at once stops because something weird has come up. Since the others were into the election, for them the name I said was very weird. Many voices from all over the room announced that the name of the person I said is not even in the list of runners…In a few short weeks the person whose name I said aloud in front of 200 people became a president of the country. I was not following the election but I was informed by those who were.

All they wanted to know was how I knew in advance when it was impossible for a person who is not even running to be elected.

This brief true story demonstrates what the spiritual gift of claircognizance is and how it works. It is a powerful inner knowing without any logical reason of how you know it. You just know it. And what you know is true even if it may seem impossible at the moment. This gift is a potent combination of the other 3 clairs.

While clairvoyance means that you clearly see what the masses don't because they are unaware they can do it too, clairaudience means you clearly hear what the masses don't for the same reason as above and clairsentience means that you clearly feel what the masses don't, with claircognizance you just know. The inner knowing comes in a powerful combination of seeing, hearing and feeling together without separation among the three. Once you experience it, you know exactly what I am talking about.

As I said last time, you already come perfectly equipped with all 4 clairs. It is up to you to unfold them to 100% and enjoy your True Divine Self. To unfold your clairs, tune into high frequency – the high frequency of the Universal Source of Wisdom. When you are harmonized with the Universal Source of Wisdom, you are enlightened and only then you are your True Self.

When you are tuned into your clairvoyance, you clearly see Divine Love through your spiritual sight which is fully awaken. When you tune into your true self, you clearly hear the voice of the Divine through your ear chakras which are fully awaken. Your gift of clairsentience allows you to tune into Your Own physical and emotional feelings and discern them from the physical and emotional feelings of others. Claircognizant is a prophecy who knows the thoughts and ideas born of the Infinite Mind of The Omnipresent Source. Nature and fresh air are essential for mastering any one of the 4 spiritual gifts, the 4 clairs.

Claircognizants are absolutely empowered and enlightened by the power of Nature. When I refer to a claircognizant, I mean a person whose first spiritual gift is claircognizance. As I already confirmed, you have all 4 clairs. However, for everyone of you they come in a specific order. This means that one of the 4 spiritual gifts is your first one, another is your second, etc. And the order has been selected by you prior to your embodiment for your current lifetime. The reason you decide to get a physical body is to fulfill your life purpose. And you select the order of your gifts in accordance to the best way to fulfill your life's purpose. All this is done in advance on a soul level before you get a physical body.

I already know many questions are coming. I will answer some of them now. I invite you to ask questions to clarify for yourself.

Does the order of the spiritual gifts matter and if so ~ how? When you get your inspirations which is through a true Divine communication, you get it through your spiritual gifts, your 4 clairs and it comes in the order in which your gifts are arranged.

Let me give you an example to understand it clearly: If your spiritual gifts are in the following order:





then you get your Divine communication in that same order which means:

1.You receive a clear knowing of it

2.You get a clear picture of it

3.You get a clear voice communication with it

4.You get a clear feeling about it

This happens pretty quickly but in this order. Knowing the order of your gifts is very helpful to you to unfold your gifts to 100% each as well as use them most effectively and truly enjoy your Divinity, your True Divine Self.

So it happens that many actually are completely unaware of it all because no school teaches this valuable knowledge and the confusion that results actually causes people to use the order of the gifts of those who were in charge of them when they were growing up instead of using their own order for receiving insights and Divine communication. However, it is important to unfold the gifts in the order in which you preselected them for yourself and this is when you are in the real flow and your true power.

There is a lot to be learned on this fascinating topic and I invite everyone of you who is interested to learn more about yourself and your gifts and all else to contact me and I will help you do so. I ask you to share this post with everyone to raise the awareness for the benefit of all.

Infinite love and gratitude to you,

Venus 🙂

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17 Responses to Who Are You Really? (part 3)

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  2. Scott Scales says:

    Hey Venus,
    I was not familiar with the terms you covered today other than clairvoyance so this was a great post for as I always like to learn new things.  I think we all have a connection to our higher power, which I call God.  The communications we receive come in many forms but your post helped me actually put some specific terms to these levels of communication.  I always enjoy reading your blog because you think beyond the norm.


    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Scott,

      Thank you for the lovely support.
      I am happy to hear that you enjoy my posts.
      I honor and appreciate your presence.

      Venus 🙂

  3. Val Wilcox says:

    Dear Venus,
    I really enjoyed this post.  It pulled it all together for me.  I needed to hear this message today.  I've recognized that I have a knack for feeling or knowing about people with no real reason for knowing.  Now you've clarified that into a connection that I am forming with the Universe.  This was the missing puzzle piece in that area of my growth and learning. 
    I appreciate you and our connection.  Thank you for being who you are,
    Val 🙂

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Val,

      You made my day once again!
      You are talking about your gifts of clairsentience and claircognizance.
      If you are interested to learn more about yourself in particular in regard to the 4 clairs,
      let me know and I will be happy to help you.
      It is truly an amazing journey.

      Infinite love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

  4. Wow Venus,
    This was a very educational post for me.  It's a new set of "senses" isn't it?  To be aware of the "clair" senses and trust them over the physical senses we all thought were real.  You are clarifying my claircognizance as you keep on defining and giving us more details on how these "senses" are affecting us and the world around us.
    Thank you, thank you, thank you!   You are truly a "gift" and for me, such an angel!
    Much love & gratitude,
    Kellie 🙂

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Kellie,

      I feel happy you love this valuable knowledge.
      Yes, all the gifts are awesome and it is Divine to
      unfold them and enjoy your true self.

      Venus 🙂

  5. I commend you for writing this series.  I believe that Everyone is born with these abilities, they just have to tap into them, by being reinforced.  As part of the four 4's, I can plainly "see" that the people who fear this, are the best one's of all.  Fear is just a block.  When I see them removing the block, they skyrocket! 
    Connection to the universe is part of who we are.  The more connected, the more our lives shine with everything we need.  When we are open and act upon something that pulls us toward something, it is always a win win situation. 
    I am so pleased with your series to enlighten people.  It all starts from within.  If someone is reading your post, they already have an opening, the more you educate them, the more you are helping.  And with this energy, we can change the world!
    With much thanks

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Donna,

      I truly appreciate your loving support and wisdom.
      Yes, fear is an ego-driven blocker that literally paralyzes on the spot
      and freezes our infinite potential.
      Let all release the fear and let it go once and for all.
      Then the real life begins and the enjoyment is phenomenal.

      Infinite love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

  6. Sandhan says:

    HI Venus
    This is the first time I am leaving you a comment but not by any manner of means our first connection!!
    Love the clear and simple way you've explained this… makes it really easy for the 'lay' person to understand.
    My own inner journey probably began around the age of 15 with Ouija Boards and seances which freaked the beejeezus out of us all but put me on the path of true 'seeking'. I later developed my skills of clairsentience and claircognisence while living in India in an ashram but have never really had any formal 'training'!! I used to give psychic and energy readings there despite not believing I had any particular gift, and although I don't practise in that format any longer, I certainly use my gifts when i coach these days. It definitely helps being able to 'tune in' intuitively and just 'know' things and trust that what I'm feeling is probably spot on!
    Thanks for sharing your insights and wisdom with us all… I love the way you've laid out your blog too, Venus
    Blessings and Love XXXX

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Sandhan,

      Thanks for visiting and sharing your awesome journey and wisdom with us!
      Our clairs are who we truly are so it is best to unfold and use them in anything we do.
      It is my purpose to enlighten all to do so leading with my own example.

      Infinite love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

  7. Edward says:

    Hi Venus,
    Thanks for the interesting post. The title and opening story made me think about the fact that all kinds of thoughts come to us unbidden. I often ask myself who is thinking these thoughts? And who am I in relation to these thoughts? It's a great mystery, this wonderful life of ours.

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Ed,

      Welcome to my blog! I look forward to get to know you.
      Life may seem mysterious at glance, but
      in truth it is clearly understandable.
      The purpose of my articles is to awaken the innate
      knowing from within us so we clearly understand it.
      The questions you are asking yourself are great – I am
      happy to teach you how to recognize which thoughts are yours
      and thus authentic and to be listened to and which are just
      paradigms and thus fake. It is much easier than it may seem.
      Always think truth regardless of appearances.
      Then the question is – how do I know which is the truth?

      Infinite love and gratitude to you,
      Venus 🙂

  8. Teresa Ivory says:

    I always learn something when I come to your blog, Venus! I've never heard anyone explain about the order of your gifts. Thank you for sharing!

  9. Venus, I was reading all the wonderful comments on this post and Edward added the piece who is doing the thinking. This brought the next thought to me that Jim Carey was speaking at an event with Eckhart Tole and shared the experience of being one with everything. The total experience of connection and oneness.
    For one to have such experiences one has to be tuned in. Know thyself. You provide concrete and eloquently shared understanding to know ourselves.

    Thank you for sharing your gifts and reaching an even a wider audience now with your blogging. We will all be the richer for it.

    • Venus :) says:

      Dear Faith,

      Thank you for sharing your wisdom in a beautiful way.
      I love your honesty and the light that shines from you.
      We are one and awakening more to this truth raises
      the vibration of the whole ONE.
      I am happy to be supported and surrounded by high vibes through all of you.

      Venus 🙂

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